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Types Of Curtain For Interior Design

Different types of curtains can give a beautiful look to your doors, windows of the kitchen, bedroom, balcony and front yard. Everyone has their own choice of selecting different curtain designs. Kids like some other designs while elders like something else. Everybody’s choice will be met in the market. Here we will explore our knowledge of few more latest curtain designs in the market.

1) Pencil Pleat Curtain Design For Living Room: It is pencil pleat latest curtain design for living room. At top creative pleats are given to curtain cloth. There are black colour layers carved out on curtain which is wide at someplace while closing at some other place. Layers on plain cloth look extremely stunning.

2) Rod Pocket Curtain Style: Pocket like squeezed stitching is done at top of the curtain. There is a broad vertical line curtain design of dual colour. The floral string print is done on this curtain which is light in shade. The curtain is long compared to the window and its thick fabric protects from direct sunlight.

3) Eyelet Curtain Design: This beautiful curtain appears out to be elegant and sophisticated. There are coloured lining at top of curtain and rest is pure plain white. The cushion kept on the chair is also getting matched with curtain design. Half of the curtain is tied up with a broad white belt.

4) Tab Top Curtain Styles: This curtain style is called tab top as its top is rolled over and is tabbed with the button in front. The whole curtain is plain and is covered with a dark colour border. The curtain is simple in appearance but delivers a sober look. It gives modish look to your interior.

5) Pinch Pleat Curtain Pattern: This simple curtain design is having pinch pleat where three pleats are combined together to give a pinched shape. The whole curtain is shaded with light and dark colour. The pleats are hanged up in a round clip which is rolled over a rod. This design is visible in most houses.

6) Goblet Curtain Design: This is a goblet curtain idea where top pleats are given like a rectangular box. Golden colour balls attached with gold strings are hanging with this goblet boxes. It is a distinctive concept in curtain design. Goblet is stitched with hard material inside which will remain as it is.

 7) Lace Overlay Curtain Design: This curtain design idea is a pleasing one. It is plain inside and outside, there is white lace fabric attached over it. There is a floral pattern on this lace on the upside. This curtain pattern depicts the knowledge of fashion and enlightens those who view it.

8) Metallic Curtain Design: This home décor curtain is made up of metallic foil of silver and golden colour. This kind of curtains is especially used in the party to attract attention. It shines so nicely and gives a new life to the whole room. 

9) Rain Curtain Design: This is a metallic curtain pattern and it looks like rain is falling. This white metal curtains are transparent and setting a divider in the room. This metallic curtain will set a new trend and it is different from the rest. While sitting in your room you will feel like rain is falling.

10) 3D Print Modern Curtain Design: This is 3D print modern curtain design. The whole curtain is in two shades of yellow colour. There is one big yellow rose at side top and a few other small roses. There is petal print in between. The viewer will feel like they are seeing the real flowers.

Collection By- Dhruva Patel

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